Liquid real estate is here

Meet the world's first liquidity pool for real estate, powered by Algorand. Blend real world asset stability with DeFi upside.


Better together: DeFi + real world assets

Access a Stable Asset Class

Real estate value is uncorrelated with crypto prices. Put your crypto holdings to work with the world's oldest and largest wealth-building asset class.

Earn Yield From Others Trading

The higher the number of trades on the Lofty real estate trading marketplace, the greater your return.

Enjoy Transparency

Benefit from a transparent, decentralized environment and full details about all assets involved.

Mitigate Impermanent Loss

Unlike crypto, real estate is a physical asset with a generally agreed-upon value range in the multi-trillion dollar real estate market.

Built on the most successful decentralized real estate marketplace

Over $30M TVL

Lofty is #1 in organic TVL on the Algorand blockchain. The Lofty Marketplace has over 140 revenue-generating U.S. rental properties owned by thousands of investors. New properties are funded every month.

Thriving Secondary Market

Lofty's secondary market is thriving, with tens of millions of dollars in buy and sell orders. Currently, some properties on the secondary market are order book-based, and the Lofty liquidity pool will enable easy market orders to remove friction and scale growth as we launch each pool.

Lofty Liquid will enable the world's most liquid real estate trading ever.

It's time for a change. Rising down payments, inflexible terms, and soaring property prices are locking all but the wealthy out from building wealth with real estate. Before Lofty, investors could only trade indirectly owned real estate via REITs, stocks, and funds on the stock market, but these options have big drawbacks like no tax breaks, no control, and low returns. Lofty is shaking things up. We help anyone lay a path to financial freedom with fractional real estate investing and seamless trading.

Lofty is here to help you build the future that you deserve.


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Over 1,000 Trusted Reviews

I’m a massive fan. Lofty lowers the barrier of entry to one of the best asset classes, real estate.

Neel Palrecha

CTO at PlayVS

Lofty is leading the way in Web3 with their decentralized property ownership model.

Jason Kwon

General Counsel at Open AI

Real estate should be as easy to invest in as the stock market and it looks like Lofty might have a formula to finally get there.

Jon Noronha

CEO Gamma

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